PR Tips: Timing Is Everything (almost)

We’ve discussed this before, but in case you didn’t believe us, journalists simply aren’t waiting around to take calls from PR people. When a PR team, consultant, etc., pushes back because of timing or another reason, it’s not because we’re being lazy, it’s because we want to be as successful as possible. We like to make dating analogies when it comes to PR, simply because there’s a courtship process involved in the pitch. Would it be easier to meet someone who was in a bar trying to talk to 20 other people at the same time or would you be more successful in waiting a week when you know the bar will be less crowded, but the person will still be there.

Journalists are busy, just like the rest of us. Some weeks, they’re busier than others… they have vacations coming up, family events and often, major breaking news that at the least will distract them from whatever it is the PR person at the time is pushing for their client or brand. Even events, such as the World Cup, can be a distraction. Sure, your favorite journalist may not be covering American soccer, but they very well may want to be watching it at a bar with their friends!

That said, here are some tips from journalist-turned-PR-pro, Susan Young.

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