Social Media Tips: Take the “Me” Out Of It!


Remedy PR Social Media San Diego

Is your social media program really social, or are using these platforms as a form of ‘free’ advertising that’s nice to have, but doesn’t really do much for your brand.

Social media, by its nature, is meant to be shared. Yes, you can be on Facebook, Google+, etc., have a ton of fans and followers, but without two-way interaction (or as our industry likes to call it, ‘engagement’) are they doing anything for your brand?

Recently, Bill was interviewed by the team over at 2one5 creative on some tips for better ways to leverage social media to grow affinity for your brand, with the end result of helping to increase sales. Disclaimer: Everyone wants to increase sales through social media, but that should not be your main goal. Any good agency (PR, social media, advertising, etc.), and even some bad ones, will tell you that you should have realistic, measurable goals in place first.

You can read the full interview online here.Remedy Communications PR Experts San Diego

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