Ridgemont Outfitters


Ridgemont creates hiking footwear unlike anything else on the market… one shoe, that simply put, copes with life. The perfect blend of fashion and function, Ridgemont builds light approach-style hiking footwear for guys that don’t want to look like they tried to summit Denali when they leave the trail and head into town for a beer.

Is there a need for Ridgemont? From experience, we think so, but don’t take our word for it. You can check in with Outside Magazine (the first placement there led them to a massive jump in sales overnight – three additional placements appeared on their first line within the first year), along with Ask MenCoolFindrGear Institute,
Slam X Hype (now gone, but a very well respected tastemaker site during its reign) and GearMinded if you’d like some unbiased opinions.

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