A multi-tiered PR and/or social media campaign can help put brands in front of the right audiences through earned media (aka editorial features vs. advertising) and digital word-of-mouth channels online.
Our custom PR campaigns typically touch on various areas, including national and local media relations (San Diego or elsewhere), media training, press kit development, media tours, influencer/blogger relations and social media elements.
Typical Cost: There’s no easy way for us to answer this. It’s similar to asking what the cost of a new car or a home would be. It all depends on your needs and desires. A Honda Civic is a great car, but if you need to go off-road, a Range Rover would be better. Not every brand has a Range Rover or needs, budget, so sometimes concessions need to be made.
If you don’t have a detailed RFP with your needs and budget, take our PR Checkup and we can go from there. Please make sure to include budget and timing, because if we’re not the right resource for you, we’ll refer you to other friends of ours (either larger or smaller) who may be a better fit.
For more of our thinking on the costs associated with public relations and the time it takes to secure media attention, check out our blog posts here and here.