Public Relations Checkup


Wondering if your communications program could be healthier?  We developed the PR Checkup to help diagnose your existing public relations and social media needs based on your previous campaigns, current level of effort, the state of media and your future goals.

As a part of the PR Checkup, we will be asking questions regarding your overall communications program – and overall business – to better evaluate ways we can make your brand healthier through public relations activities. This won’t be an overnight process.

And similar to any good physician, we may be asking some questions you won’t want to answer. They’ll get personal (for your brand) and involve how you engage with your current agency or consultant (if you have one), the level of effort you put in, a review of your existing media coverage, forward looking ideas, previously created press materials, and expectations for the future.

It may turn out your program is healthy for the effort being put towards it. That does happen! But if it’s not, we’ll recommend some alternatives, which may or may not include our Remedy.

Think of this as a pre-screening before the doctor comes to see you… without the crying children in the waiting room, embarrassing hospital gown or co-payment.

Just send us an email (<– click there!)  and we’ll get your checkup scheduled!