Defense/Security Contracting

When it comes to the worlds of defense, security and government contracting, the best don’t always get the bid. Breaking through in this industry requires a mix of product, presentation and awareness with the right audiences.  While we can’t help you engineer a better product, we’ve got you covered on the other fronts.

– Press & Presentation Materials: Compelling promotional materials and drafting your public facing announcements are just two areas we’ll help you succeed. And we have an in-house graphics team to make them happen.

– Media Outreach: It’s a common misconception that a press release correlates to press coverage. The reality is that in today’s media climate, reaching out to and fostering relationships with your key media gatekeepers are what is going to deliver the ink (electronic or traditional) you want.

– Press & Analyst Tours: Seeing is often believing and these tours do just that.  We can organize sit downs with media and analysts in the top markets relevant to your product.