Content Is King, But Community Is Queen


Content Is King, But Community Is Queen


Ever wonder why certain brands have a rabid social media following? Or why their content goes viral and their consumers love to share the latest?

Does it seem weird to you that people promote, for free, something they already pay to be a part of? It doesn’t happen very often, but it is possible for almost any brand, and a fairly easy process to replicate if you have the time and are willing to put in the effort.

The answer lies in creating a community through your content. By creating a community, and incorporating it into your social media content, you’re fostering good will that almost certainly will come back to you.

Take CrossFit and the fitness industry in general as an example. The strive towards health, has become a pretty polarizing force in society. People post pictures of their #mealprep to Instagram religiously, and while the fitness world continues to pick up steam, it’s also received its share of knocks in the mainstream media. And if you’re on Facebook, chances are you have more than a few friends posting about their personal records (AKA PR’s) or having their CrossFit gym tag them in photos. But it’s not just gyms making these posts. Personal trainers and coaches are posting pictures of their clients in action, and their clients are more than happy to post their own photos as their body transforms.

Regardless of if you love CrossFit or hate their brand of fitness, there are some basic social media lessons all brands can learn from these gyms. The most important one is something which we discuss all the time.


Above all, CrossFit and similar facilities they have built a community through social media, intentionally or not, where their members strive to help the gym become a success. This translates to the offline world where their members help continue the conversation. To get your members to share and engage with you doesn’t require a personal transformation though. It just requires personal benefit for the consumer.

Engagement is also critical here too. If you want to grow your community, you need to be an active participant and also work to connect with those you want to recruit. You can’t just wait for them to come to you. You need to find potential brand fans and make sure they know you’re here. 

One of our agency directors has been quoted on this before (we also blogged about it here), but it’s so basic. If more brands promoted the real world benefits their consumers got from them, they may see a lot more engagement.

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