Journalists Are Outnumbered

Technology has really made it easy for many to “do PR” and at the same time, it’s made it that much more difficult for brands with

Questioning Case Studies

A recent MuckRack feature (penned by one of our co-directors, Bill Byrne)  explains why you shouldn’t get too enamored with flashy case studies. We all want

Sesame Street Marketing

This article was previously featured on Box Pro Magazine, the leading source for CrossFit and HIIT facility owners and marketers. We’re channeling Sesame Street here and

What NASCAR Taught Us About PR

Not too long ago we executed a NASCAR®-related product PR campaign for a client. This was a first for us. While successful, it solidified a

The Anatomy Of A PR Hit

There’s a major misconception in terms of how PR placements actually come about. We had one agency partner – who we thought was pretty savvy