101 PR & Social Media Training

For companies looking to implement their own PR and social media programs without external support, Remedy Communications offers Public Relations & Social Media 101 training.

Typically a half-day program, we’ll meet with 3-5 members of your team for a custom session that outlines strategy development, execution, a review of what is going on media-wise in your existing space, message training and development.

This is NOT a sell by Remedy on our services, it’s simply a training and brainstorming session on how you can implement PR and social media programs on your own.

Similar to how we deal with the media, we don’t twist arms or push ourselves where we’re not appropriate. Regardless of why you want to handle your PR and social media needs in-house (and there are quite a few good reasons why you might), that’s your decision and we won’t try to dissuade you from it.  But we’re more than happy to guide you in your outreach because bad PR and social media programs lead to disgruntled journalists and Facebook Fans… which makes everyone’s job that much harder.

Typical Cost: This varies by need and the amount of people being trained.